Britton Transport provides non-asset based truck brokerage services to all qualified carriers and shippers including both truck capacity and load capacity for vans, reefers, flatbeds, stepdecks, oversize and livestock freight. Britton maintains relationships with over 9,000 qualified carriers and provides freight loads and truck capacity to and from the United States, Canada and Mexico.

We are known for truck capacity, freight availability, reliability, honesty and paying carriers within 4 days.
We are proud of our reputation and work every day to enhance it.

Benefits to Shippers

Equipment Capacity

  • Relationships with over 9,000 carriers
  • Spike capacity for seasonal demands
  • Short-notice capacity when existing truck or rail capacity is interrupted due to unforeseen circumstances, including snowstorms, flooding and infrastructure disruptions


  • We take full responsibility for services we manage
  • When failures occur we communicate with all parties with a sense of urgency to minimize disruptions

Maximized Transportation Service, Minimized Freight Costs

  • Customer Service Representatives actually listen to your unique needs and requirements
  • Our experience in providing sustained, reliable logistics services ensures your freight gets delivered to your specifications
  • We have operational and market knowledge to deliver your freight on time at competitive rates

Risk Management

  • Carrier partners must pass stringent Carrier Due Diligence processes
  • Carrier partners are monitored for insurance and safety data performance and ongoing compliance so our shipping customers are not subject to unwarranted risk
  • $100,000 Broker Bond

Pricing Choices

  • Contract and Sole-Source Pricing
    • Fixed rates and specific service lanes with committed capacity and capability
    • Shippers work with one person or team who knows your requirements and are accountable to you
  • Spot Pricing
    • Market rates with available-equipment capacity, sourced from over 2,100 carrier partners

Administrative Simplicity

  • Single-vendor invoice: You pay us, we pay the carrier

Benefits to Carriers

Ample Freight

  • Substantial freight volume available for all qualified carriers, regardless of size

Increase Utilization and Revenue Miles

  • We provide freight for Reefer, Van, Flatbed, Removable Goose Neck (RGN), and Bulk Hopper carriers throughout North America and have since 1980
  • Generate miles and revenue without the fixed costs of a sales department

Guaranteed Pay

  • Credit risk is our responsibility – not yours
  • We pay you within 4 days of receipt of your invoice, regardless of whether we collect from our customer or not
  • Our credit history fully supports our guarantee

Fast Pay, No Deductions

  • Your settlement is sent to you within 4 days of receipt of your invoice and clean proof of delivery
  • Choose if you want settlements sent directly to your bank or mailed to your address
  • Fast pay is the norm at Britton, and we don’t charge you for it

Market Knowledge

  • As a broker since 1980, we know the market and apply that knowledge to our rate negotiations

Partner Relationship Based on Respect

  • Our people are courteous communicators, we value “The Golden Rule”
  • We value win-win partner relationships
  • $100,000 Broker Bond

Becoming a Qualified Carrier

To become a qualified carrier, we need the following:

  • A Certificate of Insurance naming Britton Transport, Inc. as certificate holder and as Additional Insured Broker
  • A copy of your FMCSA carrier operating authority
  • A copy of your FMCSA Carrier Safety Rating, including DOT number
  • A signed Carrier-Broker Agreement
  • A current completed IRS Form W-9
  • A copy of your current CSA – ISS Number
  • Brokerage Authority
  • Broker-Carrier Contract
Brokerage Authority PDF
Brokerage Contract PDF

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