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Bison USA offers third-party freight opportunities to all qualified carriers throughout the United States and Canada. Partner with our talented team of experienced freight brokers to book your next van, reefer, flatbed or heavy haul load knowing every detail will be taken care of from start to finish with only one point of contact.

 Bison USA continues to be an industry leader in offering carriers consistent, desirable lane opportunities at top of market rates. Bison USA’s No Fee-Fast Pay service ensures our carrier partners are paid within 2-9 days upon receipt of invoice and clean proof of delivery.  In addition, we also give fuel advances once you are under our load at 3% cost. 

We are extremely proud of our reputation and work hard to enhance it every day.  Book the freight you want, get paid fast and keep your trucks moving with Bison USA

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Why Bison USA?

Always exceeding the standards in safety.

We design solutions and execute them precisely.

Success by relentless planning, consistent communication, and stringent discipline.

Benefits to Carriers

Diverse Options

Bison USA offers substantial freight volume throughout the United States and Canada for all qualified carriers, regardless of size of carrier and fleet and trailer type.  As a carrier for Bison USA, you’re provided freight from reefer, van, flatbed, heavy haul, and bulk hopper customers.

Fast Pay

All settlements for carriers will be sent within 2-9 days, following receipt of clean proof of delivery, at no additional cost.

  • Eligible carriers have less than 50 trucks and/or less than 5,000,000 miles in their most recently filed MCS-150, and are not utilizing a factoring company.
  • Paperwork must be received by 7 AM on Monday

Guaranteed Pay

Credit risk is our responsibility – not yours. We pay our carriers 2-9 days with receipt of invoice, Bill of Lading, and Proof of Delivery, regardless of whether we’ve collected from our customer or not. Our credit history fully supports our payment guarantee.

Market Knowledge

We have been operating as a broker and asset trucking company for nearly 40 years, our industry knowledge of both the US and Canada freight markets ensure are rates in line with the current market.

Increase Utilization

Since 1980, carriers have been able to generate miles and revenue without the fixed costs of a sales department. Additionally, our experienced team will work with you to reduce empty miles through collaborative asset utilization with our customers.


At Bison USA, we value the Golden Rule. Our people are courteous communicators, and we’re proud to have win-win partner carrier relationships.  We strive to build carrier relationships and to earn your trust and respect at Bison USA.

Becoming A Qualified Carrier

To become a qualified carrier, we need the following:

  • A certificate of insurance naming Bison USA, Inc. as certificate holder and as Additional Insured Broker
  • A copy of your FMCSA carrier operating authority
  • A copy of your FMCSA Carrier Safety Rating, including DOT number
  • A signed Carrier-Broker Agreement
  • A current completed IRS W-9 form
  • A copy of your current CSA – ISS number
  • Brokerage Authority
  • Broker-Carrier Contract
Brokerage Authority PDFBrokerage Contract PDF